Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Red Blistered Bottom

*a young boy standing at the partially open door of the principals office over heard*

"William! Here you are in my office again! What for this time?"

*A scuffing of shoes on the floor can be heard as well as the ruffling of papers*

"... but Ma'am" said the boys voice

"William, I am so disappointed in your behavior. I have here in front of me a report from your teacher. Apparently you are in trouble again. This time you have really done it. This book, the pictures, all those naked pictures and you showing the younger boys! What and example!! *The stern voice of Ms Hickory was stern as the sound of her switch cutting through the air*

*William shifted standing straight trying not to give himself away*

"William, it is time and I know you know what is coming. Loosen your belt and go straight over to the chair and drop your pants. As much as this pains me it is the punishment you so deserve for your evil ways."

"Yes, Ma'am", said William as he turned swiftly so Ms Hickory wouldn't detect just how tight his pants had become as he loosened his belt and dropped his pants and assumed the familiar position over that ladderback chair reserved for very wicked boys.

Ms Hickory noticed a shadow on the frosted window of the door slightly ajar as she scanned the room as she turned toward William. She knew her reputation as a disciplinarian would only grow. She lowered her voice and said, "William, bend over and don't forget ...'thank you, Ma'am'", instantly the air was alive with the loud and terrifying swish as the switch and William's anticipatory gasp as his fingers clenched the chair back. Ms Hickory could also hear the gasp at the door.

Again and again the familiar sound of the air parted and the tight gasp from William as the switch ripped into his flesh. Then Ms Hickory did something different. She went silently to the door and grabbed the young man outside the door and brought him into the room and shut the door. Her strong hand guided him to the wall as she turned her attention back to William.

"William, lower your shorts, I want to see your punished skin". William started to object and then he saw the determination in her face as well as her smile a flush crept over his face as his groin ached almost as much as his striped ass. "Now!" William hesitated only slightly then his finger tugged at his white short exposing raised angry red stripes crossed one buttock to the other. Immediately the switch came down again and again.

The welts on his exposed white skin grew in number as did the swelling at Wiliams groin. He ached horribly with each stroke remembering to say 'thank you, Ma'am' and when Ms Hickory's voice said, "Count them down William starting at 5" he knew what would happen. Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap each followed by the count and 'thank you Ma'am'. As the last blow reigned down and to William's horror he exploded and a growing spot the front of his shorts was the evidence. The boy against the wall laughed and ran from the office as Ms Hickory turned raising her eyebrow slightly saying, "Go clean yourself up William I know what you did". William hurridly pulled up his pants buckling them as he grabbed his books, holding them in front of him, as he ran with the glass in the door rattling as it slammed behind him.

Ms Hickory sat down in her chair well satisfied that she wouldn't see William in her office for a very long time.

Little did she know how wrong she was and the monster she had created. William was already plotting how fast he could be back over that chair with his ass in the air, the ache in his groin and those stripes, those lovely stipes, branding his ass.

BAD BOYS WANTED: You are invited to visit Ms CC in the guise of Ms Hickory if you enjoy the pleasure of a blistered bottom. 678-528-7993.


ralf said...

If there is something like a good bad boy, then I would love to apply...

Ms CC said...

apply... apply ...

ralf said...

when would be a good time to apply by phone, ms cc?